Honey from the bees in Spain!

Not many people realize that honey in it’s most natural form is healthy for you. Notice the keywords, “most natural form.” Yes, the honey that you most likely have in your pantry is not that healthy for you. For one, it is loaded with sugars. The good news is that all-natural organic honey tastes great! I personally love the stuff. Luckily, in my small pueblo I’ve the chance to buy all natural honey from the markets every Tuesday. Many believe honey has anti-cancer properties because of it’s high content of anti-oxidants. There is no doubt that honey can help cure your seasonal allergy problems because of the nutrients from flowers that are contained in the honey. Your body will be accustomed to the flowers continents and produce less histamines which give you the bad allergies that you suffer from. Needless to say, raw honey is an amazing product.

Here in Spain, people take a lot of pride in their all-natural products. It is safe to say that there are all less contaminants in the air and ground here in Spain so the all-natural products here in Spain are even better for you than they are in America. I hope that if you are ever in Spain that you are to visit the markets and try this delicious raw honey. You certainty will be changed for life.


Life in Spain as an American

Image After being in Europe since September 2012 I have had the chance to compare so much to our lives back home in the US. I haven’t really traveled that much, especially compared to Europeans, but for a 23 year old American I consider myself very lucky. I want to discuss the things I have noticed a lot about American life now that I have left.

My first months here I had a lot of frustration for Spanish life and culture, but I blame that mostly on my ignorance of their history. For an American, the first things you will notice is that Spain is not a service country or not nearly on a level of the United States. Especially, in Madrid you will notice that eating at a restaurant is not for the people with a day busy full of activities. Spaniards eat in a way that screams “seize the day.” They love to just sit down and talk with their family members. They aren’t worried about seeing every single church or museum there is in Madrid. A vacation is about taking it all in.

Waiters in Spain, especially Madrid, don’t serve to your every need. You order your food, they bring it, and then you hunt them down to pay the check. It doesn’t help when you have one waiter for 30 plus people, which is commonplace in all Spanish restaurants. One might think Spaniards are lazy and don’t care about other people, but this can’t be further from the truth. The truth is that the culture of Spanish life is centered on enjoying the small things in life. Walks, family gatherings, and good food. Spaniards simply want to enjoy their life modestly. They don’t have to own all the newest and greatest cars or gadgets to feel fulfilled. In other words they don’t want to die working too much and not living enough.

In a few weeks I want to focus my attention on life in Andalucia. This is where the heart of Spain lies. I have lived in a small pueblo by the name of Albox with my girlfriend since mid-September. This pueblo has brought many frustrating and pleasing experiences about life in Spain. We are glad to be living here because it provides and full experience of life in Spain, unlike living in a bigger city that can sometimes washout life of a country.