Spring time is in the air at UC


Since I work at UC, I am fortunate enough to enjoy this beautiful campus almost everyday. Nothing more peaceful then looking at the sunset to remind you it was a successful day. I was using this new pudding camera app on my android. The sun was a little strong as I was an hour early on the sunset but nonetheless, it is a cool camera app. Since, I don’t have a trendy iphone I can’t be cool with Instagram. Pssh. What I want to get at is the spring is upon us. I absolutely love being outside in nature. Really sets you back in life and let’s you live in the moment. These new warm days bring me excitement for what the future days a hold. Take some time out of your day to catch the sunset. It will do you wonders.


Here is a better picture!

Chicago Trip!

On July 21 2011 I embarked on a journey to see RX Bandits! This year of 2011 is to be the last time they are going a tour. They are on an indefinite hiatus… which could very much be the end of RXB. Despite the bad news my friends and I made an opportunity out of it. Little did we know it was going to be the hottest day of the year… actually the hottest day in what seems like this century.Luckily we survived the heat and experienced one of the best tours ever put on by the RXB!

The night ended on top of the Bottom Lounge where the concert took place. It was a very hip place with a bar on two floors for people not attending the show.

The highlight of this trip was not the show I so long waited for but it was just being in Chicago for the first time. More than anything it seems I love to travel. Road trips make the stress of life go away. It seems to run in the family. Unfortunately I only got a tease of what Chicago is all about. My friends and I made a stop at the Magnificent Mile the next day. I had to leave shortly after our visit to get back home but I’m so glad I went. Here are some pics I snapped. I need a REAL camera!

Chicago River

Finally starting a blog!

Hello everyone,

I hope to start setting aside time to a create a wonderful blog for all to enjoy. I want to spread the word about how great Cincinnati is and the people that make it up. For those visiting this site from outside the area, if you have anything you would like to know about the city don’t be afraid to ask. Also, I want to take people on my experiences outside the city as a way to share my thoughts on other places. We can’t know how great our hometown is without visiting other places. I want to use these outside experiences as a way to improve life here because life is all about learning. This shall be a great journey. I enjoy reading the blogs of others because it gives me great motivation to create a great blog myself.