John Cranley

Thinking of Mr. Mayor…

I was conducting some research and found something appalling. Your buddy Jeff Berding, (St. X grad) was removed of his democratic endorsement because of his political posturing. He didn’t play very nice and he has been a ticket salesman for the Bengals for years. I don’t see sports as civic engagement or community activism. He’s now in a position that sucks tax dollars and provides no results.

Back to Mr. Berding. Well he and John Cranley are buddies. No one knows why Cranley still has a democratic endorsement. The only reason he was against the streetcar so much was because his law firm gave him the largest sum of money for his campaign. He fought hard to stop it and of course lost. Now he put himself in a position to be against his own political base. In the past Cranely’s wife attended the un-endorsement meeting of Jeff Berding.

Keeping these historical points in mind I am going to be hesitant towards John Cranely. I think he is a part of an underground movement to keep Cincinnati conservative. He may have liberal beliefs but all of his friends are conservatives. The conservatives know they can’t make an impact in Cincinnati so they have corrupted a few politicians to win. It’s pretty sad looking at it. Why anyone would ever be against a streetcar will forever baffle me… Nonetheless, Cincinnati is becoming diverse and wealthier. We are treating our poorest much better and people are waking up to global issues. We are still 20 years behind but at lest we are getting close the 21st century. No wonder so many people leave Cincinnati.

I really like Yvette Simpson. She gets it. So knows what democratic beliefs are all about. We need to push our city forward into 2014. We need to be apart of the human movement.