Honey from the bees in Spain!

Not many people realize that honey in it’s most natural form is healthy for you. Notice the keywords, “most natural form.” Yes, the honey that you most likely have in your pantry is not that healthy for you. For one, it is loaded with sugars. The good news is that all-natural organic honey tastes great! I personally love the stuff. Luckily, in my small pueblo I’ve the chance to buy all natural honey from the markets every Tuesday. Many believe honey has anti-cancer properties because of it’s high content of anti-oxidants. There is no doubt that honey can help cure your seasonal allergy problems because of the nutrients from flowers that are contained in the honey. Your body will be accustomed to the flowers continents and produce less histamines which give you the bad allergies that you suffer from. Needless to say, raw honey is an amazing product.

Here in Spain, people take a lot of pride in their all-natural products. It is safe to say that there are all less contaminants in the air and ground here in Spain so the all-natural products here in Spain are even better for you than they are in America. I hope that if you are ever in Spain that you are to visit the markets and try this delicious raw honey. You certainty will be changed for life.


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